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Sooooooooooo I’m back!! I know I said I’ll be back after comiket but yeah I had a long good holiday so I got lazy ごめんね(^◇^;)
Haaaaa yeah I had so much fun at comiket!! It was my first time going to the winter comiket, I usually go to the summer comiket but since I couldn’t go this year(well technically last year) I went to the winter comiket this time! It was really nice I didn’t buy much stuff this time but I went all three days straight so I got to see a lot of stuff and meet a few of my favorite utaite, namanushi, illustrators, and of course artists/comic artists.
I really enjoyed meeting Psyche Delicoさん for the first time, oh and C2(ちゃこ)さん too! But omg the best part of it all was meeting Chomiryouさん(utaite)!!!!!!!!!! Goooooood he was soooo handsome!!!! I mean aaaaaaaaaaaah I shook hands with him and and and and I couldn’t even breathe for the rest of the day after that!!!!\(//∇//)\
Haaaaaaa but I also panicked and got nervous n couldn’t really tell him that I love him and his voice and that I’m his biggest fan haaaaa I’ll try again this year lol
Yeah so that’s the highlight of my holiday this year(I mean last year) apart from all the food I ate on Christmas and in the New Year wwww
Oh and btw I bought Adekan 7 and it’s amazing as usual so if you guys didn’t buy/read it yet go get it………..NOW!!!

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